Who are you, really?

My name is Deer, and I am an artist! I'm a 17 year old non-binary boy, and I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I love art, making characters, and playing video games! Some of my biggest interests are in space, technology and video game history.

What's this site about?

I made this site just for the fun of it despite not having much experience in HTML, because I enjoy learning new things and finding fun ways to express myself! I'm getting the hang of it, slowly... I'd suggest clicking around a lot, maybe you'll find something interesting!

You can find silly little random pages I make, info about my OCs and such right here on this ✧・゚:* webzone *:・゚✧!

What do you use to draw?

For my normal art I use Clip Studio Paint EX, and a Wacom Intuos Pro small! I also occasionally use Paint Tool Sai v2, and Adobe Animate CC.

♫ The Midnight - Synthetic (Instrumental)